hello i am iineshhhh

kewbrick replied to your post: i’m gonna see christina perri in 12 days

who dat be

June 12th: 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monaco.

hello yanko
look what we have here


shout out to yanko:

stop sending people pictures & gifs of you and your sex slave

sincerely, everyone

juntinbieber asked:
black and yellow xoxox

Black: 1 fact about the person you like
but yanko i don’t like like anyone atm
were you excepting me to say that he’s oh so italian

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood  
- my parents broke up
- i had to move to another city
- and leave all my friends behind
- i was the weird new kid
- our first dog died and so did our second
- but still i was stupidly happy because life was carefree
- and food was good

kewbrick replied to your post: i’m such a happy person


2 years ago on Mar 11


what the hell was wrong with me last night
just thinking about my call with julia yanko and diego
hmm iines


kewbrick replied to your post: you know you’ve played mapcrunch a little too much…

iines omg stop playing that game

but yanko omg





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OMG, you guys are so pretty, can I look like a mix of you all please? *-*

Iines, can I be your teacup please.

2 years ago on Feb 07
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