“I know that means something to you.”

top six scenes of | elena gilbert + matt donovan

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Matt Donovan > Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town full of vampires, I’m practically invisible.


“You and Stefan will work it out.” - “Umm, I don’t think so Matt. There’s so much about me and Stefan that’ll never work.” - “You know I’m here for you, always.”

#this is why he’s my favourite character #and i hate how much he doesn’t get acknowledged #yes elena has lost a lot of people but so has matt #most of the characters still have one family member looking out for them but matt has literally no one #elena has jeremy plus two guys in love with her and friends who sacrifice their life for her every week #and matt gets told that as well as everything else he’s just lost his best friend #who even though basically stole his girlfriend from him matt still cares about him #and he has a right to be angry because it’s just one more person he’s been forced to lose because of the tragedy surrounding them #when all he wanted was to get married and to leave town 

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